I knew it was going to be a bad day

When we got to work last Wednesday, the person we work for wanted Ma to take some clohs home and iron them; this time ma decided to use their iron because it is supposed to work much better.

As such, I was ordered to put the iron in the basket in a way that it wouldn’t leak over the cloths; easy enough, although what kind of asshole wouldn’t drain the thing first 8=).

Ma has left it sitting there until today, Tuesday.

Guess what, the iron leaked all over the cloths ^_^.

In response to her trying to pawn the blame off on me, I told her that no one told her to leave the damn iron in there the whole time.

and her technical incompetent still continues to annoy me. I don’t have a problem with people that don’t know better per say, but I do dislike *leeches and assholes*.