I hate this

It’s starting to get around that time, when I know it’s time to go to bed… I don’t feel like going to bed, because I know it’ll be a while before I fall asleep, and just a bother period. Even worse, there’s nothing left to do that I can get done without being up all night, and I’m to tired for that.

It’s some what alarming for me, that I really haven’t been writing much code this past week; I’m usually happy when writing lots of code or trying to evade misery for a spell. Either way, it usually works out more positively.

Projects of current interest, namely are furthering the development of my command line interpreter (shell) and experiementing with OGRE. There are also several projects on the fore and back burners (comparatively), but these two are the most interesting right now. And I’m to tired to code right now :'(.

I’m not fairing the nights very well lately, things are getting worse in my opinion. Days, eh; hard to tell sometimes. I really need a very long rest, with nothing to trouble me, but the odds of seeing that, oh… are probably closer to the odds of Earth getting slammed by a lethal-sized asteroid in my life time. For some strange and sick reason, an old expression comes to mind, and I spit on it. There just seems to be no relent, from the way things are here; and I struggle to find logic in it. Also coming to mind, is a very old form of torture: have a man dig a hole, them fill it back up, repeating it endlessly.

Hmm, I’ll never understand how I can write a journal entry, and see as I type: in my mind little wikipedia [1] like references to memories in my brain :-/. Maybe I just spend to damn much around computers…

time to crash to pillow, be it for better or worse.