After more then 8 billion bytes of compressed data has been transfered, I now have *all* of my personal files under one hard disk; and am hoping it doesn’t HCF before I’m done with this lol.

Depressingly, this and a few things in my room, really is the sum of my existence here, isn’t it? *sigh* maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Everything is archived in the cold storage partition, once it is copied over to an NTFS partition (as FAT32 is havoc on unix file permissions), I’ll begin sorting, colating, and cleansing data. Very annoyingly is not functioning correctly at the moment, so I’ve a bit of a battle for something to watch as well!

Once I’ve got all the data setup, it’ll be time to setup information distribution between each box… that’s gonna be tomorrow I am sure, considering the time of night.