What a day at crockery design, inc.

Nothing like a late night to remind you that you’re alone, nothing like waking up in the morning for work; to remind you that your more of an asset then a person in your families bottom line.

I managed to survive work without to much damage, even got to be out in the rain for a bit after getting home (which I relish). Most of the afternoon was spent, well honestly I don’t remember much of it.

I did however come up with a possible solution to a small “Problem” I have with getting cwRsync to obey. Basically, I can’t make the S.O.B. contact the server (vectra) from sal1600. The idea is, instead of running rsync on sal1600 (client) over SSH to vectra (server), to do the usual one-shot daemon over encryption trick. Instead, make a script that causes sal1600 to launch a one-shot rsync daemon, and then to “phone home” to the server and cause it to trigger the rsync from server to client. The logic of fixing things under windows, the client doesn’t work, so make the client a server that tells the server to use a client like it was a server… ok, that’s just fucked up. I think however, with a little trickery to make it work that way via SSH; it will probably solve the problem. With much less pain then doing some kind of diff and patch crazyiness in place of rsync.

GCHQ’s also decided to re-elevate the priority on my fixing the mighty page. The basic problem, I’m a WO1 assigned to the “Special Operations Wing”, which belongs between the Commissioned Officers and the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers groups. Instead, I (and now Timbo, since his becoming a fellow WO1) was displaying at the end of the page, under the Vets list. It’s been that way ever since I ‘repaired’ a majority banaided and brain damaged bit of code that is integral to things working smoothly. Since I consider such a matter of ‘personal vanity‘, I’ve never had a problem with it being broken. But I reckon, those on high are right, it doesn’t look good if a high rank is listed below the rankless, lol.

In studying what makes the whole thing tick, I’m not sure whether or not it is just a huge crock of shit or a clever attempt at trying to produce faster code. Either way, if I ever meet the original author, I’ll punch the fuckers lights out. Then I’ll give each of my fellow admins a chance ^_^. While the initial problem was painfully obvious, finding ‘why’ it happens was not quite so simple. When I found the next clue, I got curious and began to concentrate further until the light bulb turned on.

When the light bulb turned on, I decided either the original programmer must’ve tried to tune every ounce of speed out of the algorithm—working under the assumption that every instruction is equal to the sum of their quantity, rather then their cost times their quantity… or it was put together by some asshat who expected it to result in a “Write once, run always, read never” body of code with no concept of software engineering.

Either way, if I ever meet the person, they will loose teeth if we discuses software-stuff.

On the upside, out of all of todays stuff, I did finally get some SWAT action in… with all the work I’ve been doing lately, it was probably 3 days since I got a decent game. Or should we say, around 15GB of encrypted network traffic to shuffle to and frow, ain’t fast and don’t mix well with games.

Right now though, most everything is done; whew.