I’m just totally wiped out right now. I’ve been going since Friday with few breaks beyond food/chores, and now it’s Tuesday!

The more I try to figure out how to get free of this place, the more spanners people throw in the works. Virtually all calculations with Operation Redeemer are looking at +1 year, with the potentiality to get much worse, courtesy of family.

I’ve done just about everything to get the operating environment I want, short of resigning from the few games I still play – life would rock if I could setup Xen and have full 3D hardware access in a Win32 guest lol. The more time I spend with Windows, the more and more need I feel surrounded by bogus software. On unix machines, I’ve never had such want for _decent_ software!

I’ve also spent most of the day/night working on a small project, which reminds me of why I utterly hate Content Management Systems—they usually get in my way. If it wasn’t for the CMS specific issues chopping up, I’d probably be done by now. Debugging further isn’t something i have strength for right now, it’s been 5 languages and 8 to 10 hours of work today. Most of it’s also been spent editing via a slow SSH session, using a mixture of vi and vim.

With how many years it’s been since I’ve had a decent vacation, I’m starting to wonder what the last time was that I had *any vacation at all*