Been searching my journal to try and find when was my ‘last’ vacation, which was a working vacation. Last time I actually got even that much of a vacation, I kept a blog file: as memory serves, it was basically 3 days of antangonistic-hell. It’s been so long, I don’t remember if that was the year I had to unload a packed-to-the-freaking-brime-and-beyond car in around a 110 degree (~43 Celsius) heat or not… but at least I know, soon it’ll be at least 2 years since my last vacation of any kind. I don’t remember what the last time I had a ***real*** vacation was, only that it was a long time before I began journaling.

In searching through my journal for the date, I’ve found numerous links that have brought back memories:

2007-06-09, Ich bin muede (en: I am tired)
2007-06-11, A Troopers Call
2007-07-09, A little BattleTech
2007-07-19, The day that Macy died
2007-07-30, Techno Nightmares (of Screamers)
2007-08-02, How old am I? (an old post about my age in SAS, including a list of people I saw in make Rct; outa update that someday in a new post)
2007-08-12, A ROLF moment
2007-08-12, Right or Wrong? (dark memory)
2007-08-23, Bell Tower Sniper
2007-08-23, A collection of jokes
2007-08-26, Relating songs to life
2007-09-16, Raged Spiders (massive fiasco)
2007-09-26, I like (a new/profane phrase)