I’m tired, very tired. There’s an Italian word that I would use to describe how I feel, but I don’t know how its spelled, and expressing it in English is a little bit tricky. The concept though, extreme exhaustion. Being woken out of a sound sleep didn’t help things very much either!

Spent some of the day playing SWAT 4, but not really in a stable frame of mind.

Ahh crud, “Urgo” in Stargate SG-1 has me creaving pecan pie…. lol. Unfortunantely the only available thing is butter pecan ice cream, alas it’ll have to hit the spot.

Also have been working on updating my laptop, the funky issues with some ports configure scripts failing to locate libltdl were resolved by installing guile and libgphoto2 from packages. Ha, this episode is cracking me up. C++ bindings to the usual GNU libraries are compiling atm. Normally I try to update things every month or so, but lately I haven’t been using my laptop much, so obviously I ain’t been able to update anything.

Used some of the compile time, to play RvS eariler. I expected that I would be pretty rusty, since I haven’t played RvS in maybe 3 or 4 months, if not longer. Yet it seems that all the SWAT 4 action has gotten me even more effective at RvS, hehehe. Maybe I might pop in more often over the coming weeks? Hmm, tempting!

Why am I feeling scatterbrained?