Dreams of fishes, rehashes, and mutts

At first I was dreaming that I was helping my mother with this odd job, this woman was going out and we were staying there to to watch the fishes or something. She had several brown paper bags full of what appeared to be tropical fish. Several died and I do remember that one of the brown paper bags had split and the bottom of it had turned black, almost like a mud pie with sea weed mixed in. I tried to convince the woman to use some of her plasic containers as impromptou fish tanks in order to keep them alive, “Because I had kept fishes for years” and knew a lot. There was also a commercial for a children show that had some reference to Stargate, and what looked like a modernized & rebooted Goof Troop.

When we headed out, I was talking with some people who were telling me that I would be helping with some blasting tomorrow, the dynamite kind. In heading towards the car, I noticed that ma had fallen behind and was no where to be seen, looking over my shoulder it appeared as if we had just come out of the bank, so I figured that maybe she had went back inside for something. When I got to the car, I found an old man sitting backwards in my seat, smoking a cigarette, and claming to be “Me” from the future, oi.

When I went inside again, I found myself in Publix (supermarket). Ma was at the checkout and I stopped over at the magazine counter, noting that a number of (Aliens) comics from my youth were apparently in reprint, before rejoining my mother. After heading out, I found myself looking around a warehouse, where someone ended up being in the line of fire of a falling stack of beer bottle boxes, which I went to dig (the human) out of the heap

Later on I was dreaming we were in a KBToys that was just about to go out of business (I think they did, last year lol), and Ma was shuffling though Star Wars stuff in search of collectibles. When we were going out, I noticed a black dog run out the door; instead of following ma out, I went back in and asked this woman I had seen with her child, if they had a black dog, because I just saw one run outside. When she came out to look, we saw several other strays down the parking lot but not that one, then I pointed off to the right and bingo, that was the dog! In trying to help her pick it up, I noticed that the mangy thing looked as if it had been bitten on the back, and it was very bity to say the least. I think I rolled down my sleeves to use as padding, then finally picked up the animal and handed it back to her.

Strangeness anyone?