Just got up for a bit, feeling a trifle dizzy. Thunk about a snack but there’s not much to choose from right now. Current times 07:17Z, that means I’ve been up most of the night… but hey, I’ve only seen the Scandinavian and Italian early birds log in lol.

I’m really not thinking very clearly right now, brains had it I guess. Checked in a few odds an ends to various git repo’s, but have probably written more notes then code tonight :-(. I’m in no shape to do any coding tonight, dang gum it! I’m fricken exhausted but I’m still wide awake. Probably will put something on, set the TV’s sleep mode, and try to lay down for a bit; maybe I’ll pass out before the movie ends.

Think I’ll go stagger into the kitchen and find a quick nosh first, an empty stomach doesn’t help. Hmm, that reminds me, there was a few pommes frites leftover from dinner.. hmm, sounds like a plan!!!