Sigh, it is another sleepless night…

There is absolutely nothing on TV, period and end of quote 8=). As such, I have an episode of Stargate SG-1 open via – I’ve also had my first firefox crash with flash10 since its installation. One thing that I dislike about my laptops display, is I can’t keep my terminal at the usual size, then place the video along side of it; in a way that is worth while. Kind of shameful for a “Wide screen”, isn’t it?.

I’m just to tired to get anything done right now of practical value, maybe I might work on tpsh a little or pick up on something else for a bit. Either way, I’m likely to be awake for a good long while… ugh! Well, at least the dog is comfortable and sound asleep, and I’ve gotten my blanket back xD.

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