Let’s see, what’s on the agenda for today…

Currently my set up uses manually invoked rs-push and rs-pull scripts, that run rsync for the obvious purposes. There is also an rs-exclude file for marking such nifty things, as skipping platform dependent object files and worthless InteliSense databases.

What I’m thinking is adding more scripts and a simple timestamp file, acline to /etc/dumpdates. The scripts would then be modified to manage the rs-dates file in order to decide whether they should rs-push or rs-pull from the server. My X session stuff just runs my ~/init.sh script, so it would be easy to setup a startup/shutdown sequence to events, but I could also use FreeBSDs rc system if needed, hehe. I’ll probably wrap it around my X session, in order to keep it more independent of what operating system I am working from.

Likewise I want to write a program for sucking up the logfiles on my windows machine, and translating them for ship off to the server. Making a program for browsing the logs should be fairly easy. That however, isn’t a major concern right now lol.