A surprise of being off work until tonight, means I’m not stuck on a back to back, it also means I got to sleep decently for a change, but oy what cooky dreams. Involving being hit on my a qay man, and me walking off with the thoughts, “This is the craziest dream ever, and I think I’m going to barf”. To a conspiracy involving people from the Roman Catholic church and being shanghaied into the hands of a hidden Go’auld system lord. Yeah, crazy as a lune ain’t it all? Before I woke up, I dreamed that I was working at a large company where the PHB pushed the final button, and before you knew it, we had unanimously declared mutiny! And brought the entire place to a technological halt 😉

The only time I worry, is if my dreams are sane instead of being mad as a hatter at a tea party lol