It’s getting late, I’m not really all that sleepy yet but it is almost to the point that I need to sleep now, or the morning will be even more painful :-(. I had such a great nap earlier, for about an hour and a half after dinner tine. I twas awesome, dreaming of hacking code and working on a game, then a few OpenGL folk showed up to talk shop lol.

For as lon gas I’ve been working, I guess since 16 or 15; Thursday has statistically been the worst day of my work week.There’s also something about the Thursday workload, that just seems to re-enforce the feeling that I’m just an asset here, nothing more then that. *sigh*.

Wednesday I was thinking at work, about making a list of all the obstacles in my life (old topic) and then tagging them, based on the problem. Well, obviously that is a rather depression idea, even if I wouldn’t run out of disk space before finishing it 8=). Then I realised that it could be great fun to design and write a program to help me manage such a taggable database, that picked up my mood considerably lol. What can I say, I’m just hopelessly a geek of technology!

Tonight, I searched through old forum threads, and compiled the dates of my promotions in SAS, so I could compile a gauge of how much time I’ve spent in various positions. Ahh, it has indeed been an interesting journey. I like WO1 more then the last post, I’ve mostly a deskjob but since I’m no longer in the doing 3 members worth of stuff kind of business, I get time to kick back and enjoy things much more often.

Tomorrow is going to be an early morning, and a lengthly time at work, a sort of double duty plus errands afterwards. I’m so tired of this crap. At least, I ought to be off work for the 19th and the 20th, so I can catch up on projects. Current open-loops being some skinning in SWAT, continuing work on tpsh, and further shoe horning CMake into my little C++ project.

I’ve been thinking somewhat, that perhaps I do too much thinking; then again, that is an understatement to be thinking about, lol. What can I say, I’m just a thinker… it’s been a life surrounded by fairly short-sighed people, and my intellectual side is perhaps the least repressed aspect of my existence here. I pour in a lot more thought to things, then most others seem to, I can’t help it lol. Probably would make life easier if I could, maybe my brain wouldn’t find trying to sleep, to be an exercise in computation.

Right now I just need some rest, I’m looking forward to the end of work tomorrow, because that means I can take a load off and play SWAT for a little bit – then it’s time to work again lol. I’m stuck working straight on through until *next* Saturday, but at least this weekend is only light detail. Fuck, I can still remember how it feels to work like 30 days straight and be pulling multiple jobs. I really don’t want to be doing that again, for a very long time!

Quarter after oh seven zulu, best try getting to sleep. Sometimes I wish I could just knock myself out….