A few Thoughts turn to PC-BSD

Considering recent threads in the PC-BSD forums, largely centred around the projects deficiencies I’ve made a decision.

I have the DVD version of PC-BSD 7.1.1 x86 down loading, when it is complete, I’ll load it into a virtual machine for testing. Once that is done, I will conduct a ‘deep’ inspection of the systems current state—including the source code. The aim of it is to analyze the distributions weak spots, noting the areas where it does need improvement. After that is completed, I intend to publish my catalogue of the projects deficiencies along with suggested paths for improvement. It’ll probably be posted here on my LiveJournal, with links shared in the appropriate forums and mailing lists.

Why do I feel like doing this? Well, PC-BSD while it has some good qualities, generally fails (in my honest opinion) because of how it is handled. As I have often said and people can feel free to quote me on it, PC-BSD feels like a project born in Kris Moore’s garage: that never left. And like wise, as I have often expressed, PC-BSD development practices do *NOT* reflect those of a real BSD project.

In my experience getting anything done there, that is also worth doing: has usually been caused by the community screaming the developers ears off… perhaps consistently so. So writing an open letter might poke the project into cleaning up their ship, or at least demonstrate to the rest of us what “Not to do”, lol.