Relax or ignore….

The desktop is still powered on, left her downloading the ISO image for later; right now I’m in front of the laptop. My status message on pidgin, is set to indicate that anything not related to relaxing, is gonna get >/dev/null‘d!

I plan to take the rest of the afternoon off to myself, if I can’t get a decent nights sleep, I may as well get a decent day off work, lol. Let’s see, what’s the plan…. Hmm, I need to get a few things typeset, tend to odds and ends—like catching up with a razor blade and a hot shower. Dixie is powered on, so that I can leave her unattended with the music streaming, while I get stuff done. There isn’t much on TV, but that is fairly normal 8=).

The dogs have been chasing me down, they’re angry that they can’t go out for a walk because of the rain :'(. In all fairness, I could use a walk myself; and the rain would help. The only problem is the idea of a 6 kg dog dragging a 73kg man through the mud >_>. Hopefully the rainy weather will subside a bit, so they can get their walks in for this weekend, and the internet connection will stay stable again 🙂