Don’t sleep debts ever get paid back?

The A/C unit desired to act up last night, so the work schedule had to be adjusted accordingly—not to mention being driven bonkers half the night. Luckly this morning only cost a perfectly nice dream… and 3 hours sleep lol. So far I’ve had two pour naps tonight, but no real sleep since :-/. Been running on an average of ~3 hours for work days, and around 5-6 split into segments on days off. If there’s such a thing as a sane sleep pattern, I doubt that I’ll ever see it again.

I’ve spent most of the day alternating between SWAT 4, Raven Shield, and transferring notes into my internal wiki; at least I’ll be able to decrease the size of my home directory, once I have vectra configured to automatically back up the wiki files as well! I’ve maintained notes and copies of documents for years, and on/off have been trying to down size it over the past several months. Such things change much less often then the rest of my home dir, so it is worth the transition; it’ll keep the dumps smaller. Right now, my main concern is actually the life spans of hard disks: less data to dump, less disk activity per backup cycle. Around december or janurary, it’ll be time to start work on the now bi-yearly CD-ROMs.

Most people I know, are nuts about overwriting their files, me, I’m paranoid, so all I worry about is massive data loss, that I didn’t cause my self #&62_>. The lack of a recycle bin on UNIX systems actually fits my brain well, if your going to want it back, why on earth delete it in the first place? Somehow I think the world would be a better place, if more people learned how to place important documents under version control and just be done with it!

Tomorrow, eh, now today… is going to be a long day, the only upside is work doesn’t start until the afternoon, so no need to get up early – I hope. I really don’t feel like sleeping right now, but it’s that or be running another 26-28 hours on no food nor sleep +S. *Sigh* I could get so much more done, if days were 36 hours instead of 24, or if life here was quite different…