Rambling the Metal Gears

Been playing more of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, managed to get 2 of the C3’s planted before setting off the alarms in the hanger… So Dragunov SVD time from the top level catwalk vs goon squad below with shotguns 🙂

Although I missed the M60 machine gun again on the way to the sniper dual with The End, I did find a new toy. A russian knock off of the Czechoslovakian. Scorpian SMG, I remember using one in Raven Shield and Syphon Filter 3… But in MGS3 you get one fitted with a laser aimpoint, if that sucker had a suppressor it would be the ultimate stealth weapon xD

The Colt M1911A1 is just too weak, I got detected in the hanger because I decided rather then tranquilizing the maintenance tech and then shooting him with the .45 so he wouldn’t wake up before I was done (less sound then the knife, oddly). I put a shot in the back of his head and he ran off, emptied the rest of the mag trying to take him down… I’m used to a MK23+SD and double taps using a laser sight from MGS but I don’t mind using the pistols iron sights in MGS3, just that the M1911A1 is less then optimal for dispatching enemies.

The prototype M16 ain’t so good either, not a lot of attack power and the suppressor can’t hold up to a lot of gun fire. The Patriot is just as bad as the M16 IMHO but the unlimited ammo and small size make it more useful for firefights then the Soviet AK47 in the game.

Placed the last C3 charge, nice cut scene of Snake musing over the heart-shaped plastic explosive Eva gave him, molding it into a butterfly and catching it. Just like the one he failed to catch in the Cave after he lost his eye protecting Eva. Of course thing sin MGS are never so easy lol.

The melee with Col. Volgin was actually a lot easier then I remember, first time I played through the game it was hard. This time it was pretty easy though, I can see why I’ve heard rumors of people posting “speed runs” of the fight online hehe.

Creamed Volgin, survived the bullet riddled chase out of grozny grad on Eva’s motorbike — finally using the Scorpion :-). RPG’s, Scorpion, and Patriot fire to deal with the Op4 chasing in motorbikes with side cars. Sniped the C3 on the bridge with Eva as spotter… all the way through to the final show down with a pissed off Volgin driving the shagohod and another escape from the goon squad now on motorcycles and jet-platforms!

Saved after the final crash, I know the running firefight through the jungle is the hardest part. Especially with an injured Eva in tow; armed only with Snakes SAA “Peace Maker”. MGS3 does show quite well what happens when you don’t WATCH THE ROAD!!! After the crash Snake ends up breaking a few ribs on a tree while Eva is less fortunate and gets impaled.

Snake refuses to leave her behind but oy’vey what an exchange. While he’s telling Eva “I need you”, I’m thinking… If I know Snake, he’s thinking she’s the only one that can fly. And sure enough he had to point that out (^_^).

She’s only lucky to be alive after all!

The end game can wait for another night, I remember it well… With luck I can use a mixture of SVD and Grenade assistest ambushes, the patriot for suppressive fire and manage to complete it without to much damage. I don’t recall Eva being much help but between injuries and a SAA I guess that makes sense.

The final dual to the death with The Boss, eventually earning the protagonist the title “Big Boss” is not cake walk either from what I remember. Hmm, would be nice to survive a close encourter with The Boss without any broken bones or firearms hehe.

Hmm, looks like some one actually made a model of the shagohod out of LEGO bricks.


Not a bad job either if I do say so myself as a former LEGO addict. This persons got some talent at reproducing things for sure.

I remember back when The Phantom Menace came out I designed and built my own “super” version of the droid hover tanks in Star Wars. Even in my youth I’ve always liked designing and building things hehe. The droid hover tank I did out of LEGO bricks was armed to the teeth and weighed a freaking ton. I didn’t have the kind of parts that they used for the base when LEGO released a droid hover tank model kit of their own a few years later but I created my own hover tank with a distinctive shape with parts from an old Exploriens kit I had and used solid-blue canopies from one of my brothers old kits (~1980s) to make armoured loading bins. My setup was much detailed then the official kit,down to the torpedo and missile tubes, I think the official LEGO kit only painted there’s on, cheap bastards hehe. The one I cooked up also was scaled larger, I used the Battle Droid action figures painted with the right markings of course 😉 to crew the battle tank. I created my design in the “spirit” of the one from the films and tried to improve on the combat effectiveness of it, not reproduce it exactly as it was in the films: I wanted to make it better xD

It made a great display in my bed room for a few months until I needed the parts to build something else loool.

I’ve always enjoyed the Metal Gear games but I never thought about building one out of LEGOs when I was a kid… If I did, I probably would have done the Metal Gear REX from the first Metal Gear Solid game. Hmm, I think I must’ve been about 10 years old when MGS came out in the USA and maybe 11 around when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace hit theaters.

It’s kind of strange, 10, 20, maybe even 30 years (if I live to see) that you can still remember to stuff you used to do lol.