A little fun with git: publically exporting your local repositories

One of the great things about git, is it’s distributed nature; in my humble opinion, being able to tell your partners to pull your latest code is a useful stop gap for code review (without better tools… for now, lol), then having to e-mail the flubber as a tarball.

In my case, I maintain my working tree on Dixie, usually stored under ~/Projects/ some where. To prevent freak data loss, I also push things out to bare repositories stored on Vectra, under /srv/git. Those repo’s on Vectra are my “Centrals”, which will usually get pushed out somewhere else (e.g. SourceForge) if the projects public. The fact that my home directory on Dixie is also backed up is also a bonus hehe.

In order to setup a suitable means for people to clone, fetch, and pull from my git repositories, I edited my Routers configuration, and set up a NAT (Network Address Translation) to forward a suitable port to Vectra. In Vectra’s pf rulesets, I unblocked said port.

For write access, I use SSH and public key authentication to manage the repositories: and no one is permitted SSH access to any of my machines, unless they manage to break into my home wireless (or penetrate and suitably spoof my workstation), discover my username and hostname mappings, and brute force their way through the key pair before the internal firewalls tell you to F-off for good ;). In which case, good job monsieur or mademoiselle psychic!

Public read-only access may be setup with the humble git-daemon. Read-only access with controls, well is a task for something else ^_^.

The git daemon can be a fairly strict prickly pare about what it does export, so I feel reasonably comfortable with it. I created a simple whitelist file, called /srv/git/exports that describes what repositories may be exported: the file format is a simple line indicating the path to the repository to export publically, blank lines and those starting with a # comment being ignored.

I wrote a simple /etc/rc.git-daemon script that I can call from /etc/rc.local when OpenBSD starts, like so:

Terry@vectra$ cat /etc/rc.git-daemon                                            

if [ "$1" = stop ]; then
logger -t GIT stopping git daemon
kill -9 $(cat /srv/git/git-daemon.pid) && rm /srv/git/git-daemon.pid && logger -t GIT git daemon stopped
logger -t GIT starting git daemon
echo "$(cat /srv/git/exports | grep -E -v '^$|^#' /srv/git/exports )" | xargs git daemon --user=nobody --group=git --pid-file=/srv/git/git-daemon.pid --verbose --detach --export-all --syslog --base-path=/srv/git && logger -t GIT git daemon started

echo -n ' git-daemon'

After this is executed, it’s possible to:

$ git clone git://my.ip.addr.here/exported/repo/relative/to/base-path

as an extra bonus, since /srv/git uses my ‘git’ group for permissions but my umask by default tells everyone to screw off, I have to manually set permissions on repositories I wish to export, before someone can access them through the git-daemon.

Ok, so I’m nuts.