Ma finally woke up a little past 0800 local, so I briefed her on the problemo—helps to be well prepared. She had me bite down on a tea-bag, which IMHO increased the swelling :-(. Ma called the CMC which directed her to a pharmacy, at which point I bet the $5 remaining to my name that any pharmacist we could ask, would likely say get a dentist. So she called the nurse we worked for, who agreed with me: this is a job for a professional. Have an appointment at 1900Z with a dentist that came recommended.

Tried to lay down and get some sleep, but it still feels like someones standing on my face with a work boot… Got up  and took a shower, but skipped ditching the whiskers, don’t want to put that much pressure on that spot. Headache is a bit better but the teeth/gums are worse.

I’m not sure what to expect, last time I saw a dentist, it ended in a futile sortie and being made to feel worse then the scum of the earth over the shape of my teeth. Today can’t go much worse, assuming I actually get to see the DDS