Inspecting an old decrepit mouth

I took “Stock” of my teeth tonight: it’s been a long while since I’ve inspected them closely, because their just simply hopeless lol.

The top two front centre teeth, what I call “Rabbit teeth” for the obvious cartoon reasons; are notes in the history book. The right centre top is long gone years ago, just the empty socket there, and consequentially it never bothers me lol. The left centre top, is broken with the back of the tooth still protruding a wee bit out of the gum line. Other then parts of what looks like tooth-interior visible at the edges of the damage (or tarter from hell), it doesn’t look that bad.

To their immediate flanks, the teeth next to them are ones that suck. To the right it’s a broken tooth, that protrudes further (about half normal length) then the left top centre. The principal difference being this one looks black while the other is mostly white. On the left, is a spot from the base to about half way down to the top of the tooth, that looks like a poster board for tooth decay :-(.

On the bottom, the front centres are in good shape as ever, although (as have been for many years) I can see part of the teeth quite a distance down, where the other teeth I would see gums, I see the teeth; I’m not quite sure what significance that is. The way my teeth are settled, is probably a good example of what happens if you don’t have braces (as my brother did in his youth), but hey, I would probably have to flash back to my 5th birthday or something, if I wanted a nice looking smile lol. The teeth directly adjacent the bottom centre pair, are in much better shape then their mates on the top; the only thing going against them is thick tarter build up.

It would take a closer inspection then I can do without tools, to tell more details but most of the other teeth on the top or bottom look fairly good, just highly unaligned. The hot spots are on the right, third bottom tooth from the back: there’s just a wee bit of tooth visible toward the outer edge of the socket, other wise it’s a KIA; I can remember spitting out chunks of it a couple years back. On the left, about second from the back, the tooth is missing about a third of its visible mass, on the inner (tongue) side. That’s the area where I usually get a toothache every now and then. I would bet an x-ray of that tooth would make a dental person upset. On the upper right, while I don’t see anything, there’s a hard spot in the gums, that I would guess is probably part of the teeth or something protruding from the gums.

My gums don’t bleed often, so I hope that’s a good thing; although they did when I first started brushing them on a semi-regularly basis, that was ages ago. The only time they bleed, usually is when eating certain kinds of food, like a sandwich; then there’s usually a bit fo blood from where the top front portion of my gums would’ve met the bread.

The reason for my fresh interest in my teeth, is because last night I noticed a dull throb to my lower left side of the jaw (around that one tooth), and this morning I noted the gums on the lower left are swollen. While I don’t think anyone else noticed, I can both  feel the bulge and see it in the mirror. Took a nap for maybe 45 minutes and the swelling seems to have gone a little bit, but it’s still feels like an Everlasting Gobstopper is sticking out of my jaw. Before logging on, I flossed and brushed teeth as usual, and tried rinsing my mouth out with saltwater for good measure.

This is what I call the “Folly of youth”. Unlike a few other avenues in my life where things are miserable, this one is purely of my own causeing: because out of the 7,800 or so days I’ve been alive, the number of times I’ve brushed my teeth in the past 21 years, are probably closer to 1,000 times or less. Some years ago I started brushing my teeth and using mouth wash at a dentists orders, although that was of course a lost cause; it was even on the news last year, that the medial stuff we were on back then, weren’t covering anything worth a fart for dental and people were shouting about it. After that fiasco ended, I tossed the brush back to it’s corner and gave up, until some months back when I “Restarted” after a killer toothache—reequipping myself with floss, brush, and paste about the time I left doctor Cook with a bandaged toe. Since then, well let’s just say I’ve only started the second tube tonight… lol. My routine is generally a nightly floss & brush, since mornings are just disasters anyway…

I have a bit of aheadache now, and still a throbbing  where the gums are swollen. Then again, I’ve had a headache most of the damn day, between these gums and a parakeet screeching my ears off all freaking day. Going to skip most of the tasks I have for the computer tonight, and just try and get some sleep, after a wee bit of snack.

These teeth are what I get for being a stupid ass.