That was a freaky moment… was sitting here writing a post to a mailing list over ggrps when the light/tv started to fade in and out. Did a quick ^A^C in the hopes that I might get the text copied to qlipboards file store, and flushed to disk before the system could fail…. no such look, an hours of typing gone: and I’m not rewriting it.

The strange thing, is it wasn’t a normal power outage, but more of a fluctuation. Part of the building went dead but part remained, on extremely low power, and I’m talking like a lamp making like it’s been given a 10 watt bulb lol. The best way I can describe it, is that it is as if the available power was tuned down waaaayyy low, and anything not able to compete for enough power started to shut off.

What is this, Republic of Turkey or something?