EPI rolls on

It’s been a bit of a busy hectic, if slowly progressing day :-S. Most of my time has been a juggle between being driven crackers, and trying to actually get stuff done. I’ve made about 9 commits to EPI and created more wiki content, so at least it’s been a viable use of time.

Since I’m more familiar with git then any of my colleagues, I’ve been focusing on the git side of wiki content for now. Source code management / version control technology is pretty simple to use, and although I can’t speak for the early days, modern git (1.5+) is down right easy lol. Well, it sure makes me happier then Subversion ever did >_>. Most of my experience with git, has been as sole developer, and should we say, without having to worry about patches, so I’m more intent on having this kind of stuff documented in our wiki then I normally would be about such a matter.

Also did experiments in writing the program documentation in DocBook XML. So far so good, the manual page outputs from docbook-xsl is pretty damn good, and the HTML will do perfectly enough I think, when mated to a little CSS, hehe. I’m not sure what we will be using for writing our documentation  beyond the Wikiverse, but the best options are DocBook, Plain Old Documentation, and GNU TexInfo. Personally I prefer POD but DocBook and TexInfo are more appropriate. I shared the DocBook manual I did this afternoon, along with links to the documentation for the GNU Compiler Collection, to serve as examples of what the two systems look like. If we need any custom XSL files, I can probably whip them up; already have rudimentary stylesheets to convert a book to forum and blog posts ;).

For the most part, I’ve been rather melancholy mood of late, so being able to focus on EPI has helped me a lot today. I’m usually happier when I’m able to ‘geek out’ then when I’m assaulted and bored…