The last couple of days have only been marginally productive :-(. The infrastructure for Stargellas console is virtually complete, except for the prerequisite renderer code. Soon it’s time to move on with the usual loop, progressing to [SAS] related projects, then cycling to EPI, and back again to my usual loops.

My dreams have been someone erratic lately, but so far, have remained quite consistently the opposite of whatever I’m thinking about when I drift off to sleep. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. It seems no matter what, it’s virtually impossible to sleep without thinking, short of working myself to exhaustion. While maintaining a deep holmesian focus seems to be great for pushing everything out of mind, keeping that up for more then a few weeks is staggering :-/.

One good thing to come of today in particular, was scoring a 95% on the driver’s practice exams on the relevant state website. I can’t help but wonder, if some of the multiple-choice answers were intended for evaluating brain damage, but hey, maybe I’ll pass it. I’ve also found out that out here at least, being in my current age group, I could forgo the learners permit and skip straight to an exam for a full driver’s license, but rather would prefer the proper chance for learners-time. Although, I still expect family to fsck me in the end o/.

A fairly full work week is starting off tomorrow (the one luxury of being off Mondays, is work begins Tuesday). If it wasn’t passing 02:22 local time, I think I would grab a snack and read the a few standards cos, but alas, time to hit the hay, eh, pillow.