Wew it’s been a jumpin’ hopin’ day!

I was up all night fiddling with Code::Blocks and Stargella, plus work this morning, and ideas for an interesting project. However it’s a project that would call for C++, and I hate C++, lol. I like C, but hate C++… funny. On the upside, I’ve finally gotten Stargella builds sorted out, and I’m tempted some what to hunt down and eliminate ‘itches’ here and there, but I’m not sure whether or not patches would be welcomed for some things that seem to be, to be good ideas. They’ve accrued a fair number of open patches and bug reports, so I don’t think it’s a highly active project. The code base is only about sixty some thousand lines, not to big for all it does.

Sigh, nothing but work on the horizon o/. At least there’s something on TV tonight that I haven’t seen before, the original Night of the Living Dead. Geeze, what is it with all the zombie flicks lately? Compared to what I’ve seen of the remake (beginning / last half), it certainly has a more spirited beginning, bah I need some pop corn lol. I’ve no idea ottomh what they filmed it in, but it does give an interesting feel to the movie, different then most contemporary films of the era.