Silly thoughts about the history of C/C++ coding

Note, this is meant to be taken more tongue-in-cheek then seriously, take offense at your own expense 8=).

  • All the fun C library extensions can be blamed on UNIX, less intelligent systems still don’t implement them ^_^.
  • Most of the stupid type systems out there are reminiscent of the Win16 API, watch out for the Hungarians in the group.
  • Too much programming for Windows can lead to strange tattoos, that’ll get you sued unless you’re a pioneer.
  • There’s enough C++ Hungarian in the gaming industry, to make you want to go parler français with the ladies instead.
  • If you want to sit in your own little world, stick to mobiles or Macs; or ask the Free Software Foundation for this weeks KoolAid.
  • It’s alright if you need a road map to find your way through all that DDE/OLE/COM/ActiveX/DCOM mess and their variants, so does Microsoft: that’s why they invented .NET for your InterCOM.
  • Watch out for the babes in the null pointer cafe.
  • sizeof(foo) ≠ sizeof(foo*); unless thou hast vilolated the tenth commandment.