Bad omen or coincidence?

Something rather odd just happened to be about ten minutes ago. I was changing the dogs potty pads, when one of my grandfathers paintings on the wall, literally tilted to one side, going crooked. In my family, I reckon most people would call that a bad omen, but me, well, I have fewer superstitions, normally.

Took a step up on the step stool, and tilted it back, when I noticed that the hanging cord sliding on the hook, looked ‘thinner’ now. So I took it off the wall, remarking that I’m too short for this stuff, and examined it. Sure enough, the old wire cord was badly frayed, practically looking like barbed wire; the spot where it’s been hanging from for years, was quite noticeably narrower then the rest. I reckon the picture probably dates back to the 60s, give or take a decade; not sure when he did most of them.

Coincidentally, the painting is of Christ on a hill top with his arms out.