As is my custom when encountering a blog post, I’ll usually check the current entries and grep for anything of interest after perusing what I came for; in this case, it was a blog post that floated into mention on #vim, during a short discuesion of git and hg. When I hit the ‘home’, I noticed a pair of entries: 1, 2; on the iPad.

It reminds me of why I stuck up my nose at the iPad about 5 seconds into the news report: because if it’s not *at least* as easy to screw with as OS X, it’s just one more over priced pile of garbage as far as I’m concerned… Then again, I’m kind of an odd ball, that I expect mobiles and tablets to be at least as good fun as early microcomputers were 15 years ago ^_^. I wonder how many decades I’ll have to wait for that in the American market place :-/. It’s actually possible to get outdated PDAs that are more fun, but unfortunately require some what of an import cost and learning some Japanese lol.