I haven’t been getting much rest lately, although a fair bit of sleep. My dreams have been weird, ranging from caring for the best friend I’ve ever had, to struggling with more difficult adversaries. It’s kind of strange, because I generally don’t dream about the dead :-/. The only good thing I can say, is despite a few disturbing things, going to bed ’round 0200 local sure beats 0700, lol.

My minds focused on getting stuff done, and trying to rack up some R&R. Which leads to my new official Quake motto is “Fuck’em all, and let John sort’em out”. With the wifi being a bit more upity lately, I’ve mostly been hanging around Raven Shield the past couple weeks; unlike SWAT 4, in RvS if you lag out in the middle of a gun battle, it tends to increase your survival rate, rather then negate it.

Yet I still have a tendency to lag up and fall off into deep space when playing Quake :-(. Although I must admit, even with my wireless freeze frames every two minutes or so, I’m actually getting quite good at handling them, but there’s only so much you can do when it’s in mid air lol. Last night I got plugged off an arena platform, and died with rocket launcher in hand, because I lagged up and missed the chance to rocket myself onto a nearby jump pad for a last minute save.