One of the things that has been resting on my mind, is working on my game projects and raven shield admin system. I do believe, that I’ve figured out a way that I can augment my engines capabilities without breaking down portability to much, and still retaining the “C” language factor ;). I’ve also decided that my RvS admin tool, will likely benefit if I complete my games net code, and integrate it in place of the existing networking code it uses.

I’ve three game projects, generic titles being StarFighterGame, TacFPSGame, and MechCombatGame; each chosen for their obvious descriptiveness in place of an iron clad title. StarFighterGame, has been awarded the title of “Stargellas Revenge ©”, and the others are still to be decided. Story wise, Stargellas Revenge is green light, it just needs the game code and assets to catch up with it. I have the general overview for TacFPSGames story and enough design details set, but still can’t figure out a proper title. The ‘mech game, I’m thinking of splitting into two different games: one aimed at a combat simulation, and the other as a Real Time Strategy game, charting the “Bigger picture”.Story wise, things need to develop further, as well as growing a title. On the one side, I’m thinking some what along the lines of an epic war meets small scale tactical warfare, and some hordes of enemies to mow down for the action cravers, hehe.

The code backing my game projects, is engineered to be highly portable, and suitable for producing most any kind of game. My primary focuses, more or less follow the styles of arcade and simulation games, but alas, I prefer flexibility over rewriting crap later on, hehe. I could do so much more if I had more to work with :'(.