Thoughts of ‘home’

Now this old article from Joel Spolsky makes me think of what it’s like to be here, *and* trying to get work done. Managing computer work flow is simple, at best, just tell everyone to go to hell or sign off the IM. After so many years of being on the Internet, I can usually juggle multiple tabs without any real loss to getting stuff done. Having to get up and respond to an interrupt, and usually being interrupted twice more on the way back to my console on the other hand, is something that occurs so frequently I’ve almost a spider sense about it…

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been shafted that way, for lack of being able to escape to a private bunker, I would have enough cash to pay off the national debt!

Experience shows me one fact: I am most productive when I’m camped in front of a laptop, all is quiet in the world, NO interrupts, no morons to wait on hand and foot, nada, not even a music stream. Oh, that and realising the clocks changed from PM to AM, and I’m still coding smoothly xD.