Well here I sit, working out my plans for the weekend. After sorting a few things on the spot, and spending some time on what I’ll just call a spurt of stuff to hammer out, so I doubt tonight will be highly productive. It’s the little bit of rest I get before I have to get cracking away on stuff in the morning.

Besides digging into a few thousand pages worth of book, in the chopping block includes:

  • Compile and test X.Org 7.5 on Dixie.
  • Finish my review of PC-BSD 8.
  • Complete the new auxiliary “Snipers” path on my Private Airport (kai) map.
  • A few SAS related details I won’t mention here
  • Get the plots sorted for the next 3 live ops (;)

Also, there’s something I have been meaning to do for awhile, refactoring the common and system modules of Stargella. The idea I’m thinking of, is merging them into a singluar “core”,  and numerous other related changes. Mostly in relation to compiler support and hooking in the render module. Two points of research, being to depreciate the FreeBSD/GCC builds with Code::Blocks in favour of a recursive GNU Make, and perhaps also NMake for Microsoft’s compiler. I would also like to experiment with supporting the Portable C Compiler (pcc), which entails either system modifications to FreeBSDs header files, or some redesign work on the games code.

I have multiple compilers available to me, several versions of GNU, the legendary PCC and Watcom compilers, and the express edition of MS Visual C++ 9.0. The only supported compilers for my project, are GCC and MSVC, under unix and windows based systems respectively. When ever possible things should be usable with most (reasonably) standards compliant C compilers. Not that Microsoft’s compiler is one. The main reason I don’t do mingw or watcom builds under Windows, is it’s just easier to go a strict MSVC route, when it comes to handling the dependencies. If it wasn’t for that, I would actually go as far as supporting as many compilers as possible.

One thing that really pisses me off, is even after 40 years or so, stitching together makefiles by hand is still one of the best ways to build stuff o/