So much for sleepin’ in

Well, it seems that I am awake before the sun rises, yet again! Yesterday I woke up at just a bit past 0300, feeling like I had slept all morning long, actually had to triple check the alarm clock and look out the window, to make sure ma wasn’t playing a joke. This morning, it’s like having the brain switch on to far, in order to go back to sleep: been that way for a while, save nights where I’ve hardly slept at all.

From all the years I’ve spent working into the night, sometimes until after dawn: and usually having to be up for work. Last year, I reached the point where I rarely can sleep more then three or four hours at a time, like automatically waking up without any alarms chiming. Attempting to actually get into the habit of waking up ‘early’ having generally failed, as I like falling back asleep to much lol, that was never much of a problem. With a friends recent trip (which I’ll just say, involved dangerous ground), and the impact it had on my dreams, I think has helped to cement it into my mind: to wake up, and to stay up. Something I’ve been unable to hammer into it for years lol.

Traditionally, I’d sleep straight through like a log, if ever waking up: just long enough to stagger off to relive myself of a pint or so lol. Working habits becoming more eratic, caused me to drift more in the habit of waking up at least 2 or 3 times every night, at fairly regular intervals o/. For the past two and a half months or so, I’ve been waking up and generally, been reaching wide awake quite quickly.

While I reckon, not the way intended, I would say that’s still an objective complete: getting into the habit of waking up early. Last time I was successfully in this habit, was when I was working shifts of 0400-2000 on a regular basis; where there was no real choice in the matter. Honestly I prefer getting up early, over sleeping in until which ever comes first: work or lunch time.

Maybe I might even learn to eat breakfast like the rest of the world lol.