Lately in my spare time, as one might guess: I’ve been picking up C#. That, and reading about electrical wiring and stuff, but I always new I’d light myself up one day xD.

Before bed, I was experimenting with building and structuring assemblies. Being my typical self, this of course means playing with the command line csc (MS) and mcs/gmcs (Mono) compilers, as well as their associated tools. IDE wise, I experimented with MonoDevelop under FreeBSD and the express edition of Visual C# 2010 under XP.  I must admit that as far as IDEs go, MonoDevelop is a pretty good one: the only negative things that I can say about it, being the vi mode is very minimalist (G doesn’t even take a count), and it’s not the most responsive program when the computers under heavy load: but still knocks Mozillas socks off by 9 warp factors :-P. Visual C# on the other hand, I can’t say how the 2010 version differs from the 2008 one: only that it’s not nice. To be honest, my first encounters with the express editions for Visual Studio 2010, shows me that Microshaft seems to have a policy of (yet again) hiding much of the tools from the user. Just starting Visual C# makes me remember how long Windows has hidden file permissions from the user by default. Perhaps most Windows users are to damn stupid to understand the concept of “Privacy”, but any jackinape permitted to touch source code, should at least be made to understand the concept of debug and release builds (a heck of a lot better then VS’s new defaults).

In my experiments using MonoDevelop and Visual C#, it only took a few seconds before I became glad that Vi IMproved doesn’t emulate Intellisense; but it is fair to say that I’m a freak: my customised vim setup even disables syntax highlighting lololol.

And considering how much this build of Firefox has Flash burning through CPU cycles, I think my laptop is going to heat, if I don’t call this a morning :-S.