Resigning My Warrant: Spidey01’s original

Before dinner, this post was made by me in Clan Topics at approximately 00:29 UTC on

 On March 24th an important issue arose between [SAS]_Maj_WIZ and myself, in regard to his apparent countermanding of established [SAS] SOP and long standing orders of [SAS]_Capt_En4cer. In dealing with both [SAS]_Maj_WIZ and [SAS]_CO_Random, to properly clarify and document the final outcome of this for it’s obvious *immeidate* impact on our training affairs, I have generally been screwed in one ear and out the other, or run around one three and six more blocks trying to resolve this.

For over a month I have been patient, whilst my CO has left my hands tied, unable to furfil my duties as a [SAS] Member, and I’ve met everything from the Major short of threatening my dogs life. Well gentlemen, I believe it is time to call this farce over. [b]If I cannot be allowed to furfil my duties, then I shall not hold my rank[/b].

It is with that in mind, that I hear by resign my Warrant.

I have served this team almost self sacrificially since the very moment that I landed foot on these hollow grounds… only to suffer countless incidences of the same over my years. Random, WIZ, En4cer, Rouge, Valroe, Sniper, Timbo, and Medic have all been apart of doing this to me over my many years, when I’m screwed a month straight by the Commanding Officer, I think it is time for a man to draw the line.

[color=yellow]It is my first ever and my parting order, that this post is not to be edited, nor is this thread to be moved.[/color]

That post was written as a text file on my laptop, and copy/pasted into the forums, just as it has been copy/pasted into this journal entry. What you see in the above quote, is exactly how I wrote it: it is the authoritative copy.

[SAS]_Maj_WIZ has since moved it: but I expect, has not edited it. After dinner, I addressed a private e-mail to [SAS]_CO_Random notifying him accordingly of this action, and putting my effects in order: namely that I expect my forum account returned to me once the locks are changed, and that I explicitly turn over all express legal rights to any code that I’ve contributed to [SAS], to any acting CO of the team past/present/future and for all time. Legally because of the U.S. involvement (on Randoms side), the code in question already belongs to [SAS]’s commanding officer, same as the draft documents Rouge and company submitted before leaving [SAS].

Having been sufficiently been further insulted and verbally threatened by the good Major, I’ve placed him on my IM clients temporary block list. I’ll not waste further breath with him on the issue.

Since this is my turf and not [SAS] private property, I will add a few details to my above post. The issue in question, I will explain it here.

In the public view (as of this time of writing, although I wouldn’t be surprised if [SAS] will remove it from public view, or *finally* edit the damn thing in response to this), on in the tactics section is an Raven Shield V-Comms SOP page that was authored by [SAS]_Capt_En4cer in 2007.

One of it’s entries says this:

V-4-6 =Objective Reached.

This command is issued by any elemental member. This command is most often heard following a ‘Reform On My Position’ command by the EL or once a member has reached their respective Point Of Domination (POD) during a dynamic entry, and lastly if the elemental member has been assigned to locate a specific location critical to mission success. Most often this location will be beyond the visual scope of the EL and this command acknowledges that the element member is alive, in the correct position for the task at hand and is able to engage threats as required. When the element initially forms up on the EL the only member that MUST say this command would be the Rear Guard for all other members this command is optional during initial form up.

This use of calling “Objective Reached” when taking your Point of Domination, is something that [SAS]_Capt_En4cer pushed down the necks of [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01 and [SAS]_SSM_Rasa years ago, and that we in turn pushed it out to the rest of the clan. In SWAT 4, we have used “On it” IAW the GCHQs approval. You can’t pass by our SWAT server without picking that up.

On the night of March 24th, in a private conversation with [SAS]_Maj_WIZ, the major countermanded this [SAS] SOP, and blatantly refused to notify the membership.

Since then, I have pushed very hard that if the MAJOR has just threw out that SOP, then every one must be informed that it has been null-n-voided. Other wise, the Major is wrong and has failed to keep up to date with [SAS] Tactical matters. My private conversations with the Major on the issue have had very brutal moments: as WIZ has admitted and spoken to me about over the years, what he has done to members (in particular the occasional cracker, people now residing in NTF, and ex SAS members not in good standing with SAS or NTF), I do not consider myself bound by [SAS] CoH in our private chats, any more than he has demonstrated his own obedience to it. As the Major only kept himself CoH bound (in that regard) when using [SAS] forum and VoIP systems, I followed the same conduct, having heard nothing from Random about it: not a peep over 6 years.

During my shoving to have the issue resolved, I also noted that if GCHQ would fail to notify the membership of this important (and sudden) change to active SOP, that as WO1, I must either issue an order of my own, notifying the membership, or I must give up my Warrant.

In doing so, I have had my honour and integrity questioned, accused of being an NTF agent (it’s WIZ’s job to do so in both those cases), and in effect, having my physical person threatened with bodily harm. I have also had to tolerate enumerable “Mind games”, which we all know how highly I consider those a disrespect for my intelligence.

[SAS]_CO_Random was contacted and asked to deal with this, as he is the only one with authority above Major. I was made to wait several weeks to receive so much as a word from Random on the issue, who has since done nothing — I have not been informed. Worse then that, it was only after (as friends rather then colleagues) notifying WIZ with a draft post, issuing the aforementioned order and requesting to GCHQ that I be demoted to [SAS]_Trp_Spidey01 — as that is the most value Randoms inaction has allowed me to contribute. Only after sending WIZ that message, did I hear from Random. I have not received further notification of this since then! This effectively made my position as WO1, totally pointless.

Today, I was notified by a LCpl about training still being conducted with “On it”, and noted this to [SAS]_Maj_WIZ in private: who summery brushed it off, after which I noted either the membership still needs notification or the LCpl in question needs a wuppin’ for the foul up. I was still met with the same run around.

Thus, I have resigned my warrant, and so conclude my responsibility as an [SAS] member.

Most of the past and present members in my Clan Topics post, have also had a huge impact (IMHO) in damaging the [SAS] I joined,  among other things: causing damage to the eliteness (WIZ has fought against this), and something I hear NTF members grip about their leadership over! Every action I’ve taken or planned to curb that problem in [SAS] in the years leading up to the recent falling out of several members, has been met with my superiors tying my hands, or delegating it to incompetents. So this was just the biggest insult of them all.

So at this point: I do not feel, that I have left the [SAS] that I joined, I feel that the team I have loved all these years, is being or has been pushed over the edge of existence.

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  1. This is the post I made in your resignation Thread:

    Not an other one leaving! Spidey I always enjoyed playing with you mate. You have done a lot for this clan and I hope we will continue to have some good games as we used to.

    Right now I'm in shock because I thought our problems were solve regarding all the resignations and I see this thread…

    Spidey asked me to post this link here so you guys can go right comments on his journal because he doesn't have access to this thread anymore


  2. I sure hate seein this Spidey, I sure have good games with ya and also talkin to ya also, even though you could talk over my head I liked listenin to ya anyway, Darn I say it again I sure hate seein this. Earl

  3. Im sorry on your behalf. I always thought of you as the most dedicated and faithfull individual. Your intesions and lojalty has never been questioned by me.

    To bad for your former team. I wish you luck in the future.


  4. Well, sad to see…

    I dont think anyone can question your loyalty to SAS.

    I see you state me as one of the troublemakers, well thats your opinion, and you are intiteled to state your opinions. However, I find it a bit strange.

    But nevertheless, I see your reasons for resigning as very interesting. And it's sad to see that you have been threatened, but I'm not very suprised.

    SAS truly lost a good and important member in you leaving. You have been faithfull all the way and always done your best.

    I wish you all the best in the future Spidey



  5. I was going to post on the website but i will post it here as you can see it.

    Terry im shocked that you have left the clan. A clan that you have put so much hardwork into. Disagreements will happen from time to time. So i hope that you wont stay away forever.

    So dont be a Stranger and come back onto the server for some good games. I will even get on SWAT !

    Best Regards

    SAS RSM Sniper

  6. i not often agree with sniper, but i must say that i am also kinda shocked.
    this was the last thing i thought i would ever see when it comes to sas and you. I always thought that you would be the last one to leave the sas ship.
    The only thing i wonder about is that you are explaining the reasons why you left here in public and what "happened to you". The reasons are mostly the same why most of the others left (me included)…so well…reading the rest of your post…you are now also a trouble-maker as you described us. It is a shame how you were treated, but you are not alone with that experience.
    Disagreements happen yes…but "from time to time" is the wrong describtion as I see it. I just hope that there will be a peacefull outcome for you regarding SAS. No matter what disagreemnents I had with SAS or you, you were one of the most loyal people I ever happen to know in a gaming clan and it is more than a great loss for sas. So your resignation is more than a bad sign…..
    I wish you all the best and hope that you are not in a bad mood for too long.


  7. Well Spidey you were, to put it bluntly, the reason I fell in love with RvS. When I started the game online I found it to be fun, but it wasn't quite as I would have imagined it to be. Then I bumped into you and from the moment you wrote the comment "You were standing up on the weak side and begging for it" I became hooked to the game. Not only that though, but I noticed how passionately you spoke of SAS (Not just on the server but also privately through X-Fire). It was almost as if I could get a physical sense of love oozing out of every pore in your body. That's why I'm shocked to see that you left and judging by the sentiment of the other comments that's how most others saw you too – Loyal and faithful. So from the outside, your resignation does look like a bad sign.
    Either way, I hope that I'll still see you on the servers and that I can learn many more things from you and, of course, tk you just a tweensy bit more. 🙂


  8. I explain them here Timbo, each because: it is my journal to do so in, I am not the type to leave without explanation, and now that the issue has been 'resolved' [sic], it is not soley a private matter but one of (my) record.

    Twice in my life, I've thrown my neck into a hang mans noose in order to help SAS, by supporting GCHQ, and I'd do each again for that same reason. Each time I survived it by the hair on my ass and being loyal to the SAS spirit, not to any group of members. Just because I never turned my back in front of the troops, doesn't mean my superiors didn't get regular mouth fulls from me over the years.

    As Tom Hanks' character of Captain John H. Miller once said, gripes go up the chain of command, not down it.

  9. Sniper and Timbo's posts adresses the key points, and sum things up from my pov.

    It is a sad day for the SAS indeed.

    I hope that WIZ and Random are informed about this thread, so they have the opportunity to defend themselves. That would be fair.

    Task Force Commander

  10. I love it coming home from a business-trip and reading bad news…

    It's a big loss to see you go!

    I wish you best of luck, Spidey – let's keep in touch.


  11. @Coq-Rouge they've had almost 2 weeks advance notice or more on top of it. That's what makes handing in my warrant even more forced-action then decision. They're free to reply here as long as they obey the commenter policy.

    @DUKE One of my deepest regrets in this affair, is it being there when you come home. Takes more then membership to get rid of me… I hope business is booming!

  12. Still miss hearin ya voice, Hope your stayin Safe and Dry, If ya ever find ya way up my way, the coffee will be hot or Iced tea if ya prefer.EZ

    O Yea and the Bass will be bitin.

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