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  1. Howdy there Spidey!!! Seen ya emails and had to hollar back at ya, I really like the one about the Brick, That is too cool for sure, I will see if they will let me lock that post for ya, I have to agree with ya on it too, if you cant read them there then they should be sent to ya so you will know, and I have to say it again I dont like what has happened, You should be there also in my opinion. Welp for now you keep yaself in a Safe way and I will hollar at ya later,EZ, Earl, O yea, Wish me luck for this sat, I will be fishin the Budweiser Open on Kentucky lake if the storms comin dont get in the way,Earl.

  2. Thanks Ez/Earl, and I wish you the best of luck. I know we're due for plenty of storms this week, hopefully it'll go 'round y'all or pass on through before it's time for the open.

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