Thoughts on life outside of [SAS]

Since the last card in the hand I was dealt, has finally landed, I reckon it’s time to plot the course where I’ll go from here.

Game wise, whenever I play Raven Shield or SWAT 4, my primary stomping grounds will likely remain the [SAS] servers, because they’re the best servers you’ll find anywhere. Sometimes I visit other clans servers, but usually it’s ones I’m friendly with or when ours are having an outage. One of the things I have always liked about being in clans and friends with various clans, people know your name when you setup roots: and I have roots here. Before joining SW years and years ago during my MW4 career, I maintained friendly relationships with much of SW, OTC, and the leadership of the GSA branches of CGB and CSV. Even after becoming a Shadow Warrior, I kept those up, when possible even continuing to the present. Like wise that goes for most people who have passed through [SAS], I’ve kept up contact with many of them over the years, especially those closest to me. Most memorable people to cross our servers these past years, have known me in some form.

How much I’ll play of either game, I dunno. There is now less to weigh me down, so I can play more freely, and I can also work more as needed. I don’t plan to become a stranger though.

Really, I feel naked without my uniform: no more SAS_Rank_Spidey01 written all over the place. Obviously I have some things to change :-/. Spidey01 however is and always has been my name. Formal clan prefixes of DEx and [SAS]_Rank, having been groups close enough to my heart, to become a virtual part of my identity. On the other hand, being the *intelligent* sort of person, most of my stuff doesn’t revolve around [SAS]. For example my IM usernames don’t reference SAS, this has been a conscious decision from the vary start (cica 2005). The idea being, that my IM would become known, and if should anything ever happen, changing it would be a major pain: so I’ve avoided it all these years. Except for FreeNode, which now comes back to bite me in the arse lol. On the upside, I don’t have to constantly remind myself to omit the ’01’ in RvS!

 Most of the changes are trivial, updating signatures, shredding old files, closing old photo albums, and so on. The main gripe is waiting for my forum account to be returned to me.

On the subject of military tactics and their applications, I started learning about such things around 1995, and joined [SAS] during a chapter of my life, where I wished to focus in on close quarters combat. It remains to be seen, whether I’ll continue my studies, there really isn’t much more I can learn without firing an MP5, but it is a chapter of my life that I’ll never forget.

I’m still gonna be found naturally stacking up on doors lol.

1 thought on “Thoughts on life outside of [SAS]”

  1. Hello Spidey,

    I may not have known you for nearly as long as some of your other gaming acquaintances, however, you were one of the first SAS I recall meeting in-game. Thanks for the times in SWAT 4 as I always enjoyed your company.

    I understand that these matters have nothing to do with me, so I will not stick my nose in too far. With that, I will conclude saying that I hope we can maintain connections on XFire and that I will continue to see you on the servers every once in a while.

    I wish you luck with your future endeavors.


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