This was drafted a couple days ago (~2), I’ve decided to just edit and annotate it rather than rewrite it.

After giving about a day to see whether or not progress would be made with GCHQs server plans, I formally gave Operation Charlie the green light: extending “An Offer from an Ex-Patriot” to the leadership of [SAS].

This consisted of a short brief with supplemental material to coincide with [SAS]_Maj_WIZ’s obvious two pence worth in accusations. Attached was the offer itself: essentially that I would provide a share in my personal hardware/network resources, to furnish [SAS] with a temporary game server. According to the brief, starting off with one RvS server, and if up to the load, a SWAT 4: TSS server0; but however due to timing issues (See prev-reference to the major) beyond my control, [SAS] would either have to make do as guests on my TS3 or make other arrangements for VoIP. I also noted that depending on when the accept/reject/fu reply was received, my system could be deployed within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

The agreement in the PDF attachment was fairly simple, mostly serving to shield me from any legal liabilities: namely that GCHQ would have to yield any right to kick at yours truly hosting an `[SAS] Interm Server`, delegating adminlogin to [SAS], and like wise making GCHQ responsible should the affair incur any unexpected / freak costs of operation associated with the long term use of it. The ability to print, sign, and therefore scan the document was also provided. All things being what they are, I will only provide the machine under the specified terms being taken into agreement. I reckon that only the OIC or 2IC in absence of the OIC, can appropriately accept the offer without a consensus of some sort among GCHQ. My reasons for enforcing this, has to do with the actions of the Major and Lt. Colonel leading to my resignation: that I while I’ll still put my back into such a breach, I will not do so with a potential noose around my neck for doing so; and their actions would leave a noose there without such an agreement in place. Nothing personal, purely business.

My offer was delivered May 6th, to the four members of [SAS] GCHQ, to the fullest extent of my ability, and the Major has been both personally and professionally aware of my (this) emergency action plan for a couple of years, should it ever be needed in time of trouble. So far, only [SAS]_Capt_JB has shown any regard for this, [SAS]_Maj_WIZ generally expressing indifference and retreat into non-SAS games (What is the old saying, that Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt? I’d almost call recent affairs treason), [SAS]_CO_Random and [SAS]_Capt_En4cer demonstrating utter uselessness or a shameless level of absenteeism.1

I am more aware of [SAS]’s long term server plans than most, in fact, generally pre-dating NTFs silly Memorandum of Understanding. The purpose of my interm host being offered, being meant to serve as a stop gap until the more permanent solution can be deployed by GCHQ, or if necessary some other arrangement being made if it doesn’t pan out. I find it some what ironic, that quite probably if the ex slackers had dealt from the top of the deck, [SAS] may have been perfectly set financially for another ten years at costs far lower than NTFs with only the cost of a few problem-children to shuffle out to clean the deck for the long haul. Instead the present huddle must be crossed first. Ahh, the bitter sweet retrospect of I told you so ages ago, coming to pass:  it usually tracks my minds for-thought even if I oft’ choose not to say it.

Having been placed into a position, where no other choice remained under my code of conduct but to turn in my warrant, has not changed my feelings towards [SAS], not the part of it that means something. My loyalty was always given to a vision, never to any single or group of members. That why, even from outside the [SAS], I would still extend my hand.

So far, I have received no formal acceptance or rejection of my offer, and if things continue as they are headed, I expect that [SAS] will be totally server-less until GCHQs aims are achieved, or some hurting member pulls a Noer2.

The honest question, is accept, reject, or ignore: whether to take this do-nothing response lying down or take it with axe and sword in hand. As a friend inadvertently reminded me, as I once used to say: when the boat springs a leak, my way is not to jump overboard but to fetch a bucket and help the engineer. That never really has changed about me… lol. Thus, it poses to me the problem: do I watch something that I gave a quarter of my life to in loyal and selfless service to, risk perishing into the abyss, or do I lock, cock, and rock in hopes of bringing order to chaos?

In thinking about this problem, I began trying to evaluate whether or not [SAS]_Maj_WIZ’s recent actions are on par with high treason against the [SAS] 22nd Elite Virtual Regiment, and [SAS]_CO_Random in strong dereliction of duty as good as constituting such, or if they are actively attempting to rip the walls down upon members heads. Random and En4cer may be two of the best officers in [SAS] history, and on a sadly short list of decent ones, but at present are totally useless beyond Randoms financial backing. If the equation evaluates true to treason in the end, and I play that card full force, arguably I could even choose to do so as a senior [SAS] member: as the retention of my data publicly indicates that the resignation of my warrant has not (as of yet) been accepted by the Officer In Charge. That thought, than leads to a pair of sub equatables: can [SAS] survive without them any better than it can with, and what would charging them with treason, make of me? Perhaps I just have good sense enough to do things the proper way, rather than turning underhanded or petty about it. In my opinion these (in)actions have come to warrant expulsion or demotion of a few officers, either now or in the future.

Edit: Since this entry was originally drafted, as if fortune would smile upon a loyal sons troubles, through association with a certain development project3 that I’m involved with, it is possible that [SAS] may be able obtain access to an extremely sexy4 server at such a low cost that would make NTFs heads spin around in circles until it flies off into the stratosphere from the shock. I’ve taken the liberty of informing the Major of this possibility. I’m also willing to make the necessary communication and logistical arrangements to make things happen.

I’ve received no pertinent response from [SAS] on that offer either, but it’s been less than 24 hours on that.

0: Since this was drafted, I’ve heard Walker runs a temp SWAT 4 server whenever he’s gaming.
1: First CO sign I’ve had since well before throwing in my warrant, was seeing the forum index last indicating that Random had posted in the Officers Mess.

2: Noer once came to the rescue, putting his wallet where his heart was after Bronco resigned, taking [SAS]’s only SWAT 4 server with him.
3: Encapsulated Package Installer, EPI ftw!
4: As in such a sexy beast, that you would sell your grandmother and your left nut just for a tenth of that boxes computing power and network pipe!