Nuts, some days just pass so freaking slowly :-S. The local time is almost 1500, and it feels closer to 2100… I’ve largely been up since before 0400. As I commented to a friend about an hour and a half ago, it’s like watching a snail go by on a flat tire, sigh.

On the upside, I’ve come up with a few interesting ideas, that remind me just how much I love the thrill of programming: and how much I need, a private notebook for collating my ideas in brewing. Particularly apt, would be something backed by a git repository, and an markup like Rst or Markdown lol. Actually, if I could afford a paid account on GitHub. Oh, ain’t that just peachy: firefox just hung, then crashed. If memory serves, there is a personal wiki somewhere that uses a vcs as a backend, mm.

Something that bothers me, is how disparate my services have become: it kind of comes with choosing the best tools, and being pushed into a web oriented sphere o/. There’s just no way to win, really. To have my cake and eat it to, either I must munge together horrendous scripts, or bite a bullet, and move towards a direction, where my operating system provides most of the software I need, that I haven’t written myself… which is a scary idea.

Why is it, that people like me, our doomed to think up solutions to problems, but never the time (or clones) to work on everything at once? Oi, somehow I am reminded of a comment about engineers, seeing the world as a set of suboptimal pieces… now if only there were some more optimal ones!!!!