A lot more so than normal, I’ve been dozing on/off this morning, often just long enough for a snap shot sequence in dreams.

It can remember fighting very vehemently with my mother over present, and some comment about slitting my throat but not putting the knives blade to use; something about an old toy junkbot unsuccessfully trying to help; then something to do with transformers and the autobots/decepticon war, as I got into deeper sleep. I remember collapsing in front of a bust of Christ, and it eventually taking on a life of it’s own to respond, and noting something about a Ford focus zipping by in the street below; my room having changed considerably. I rather had a feeling that it was a person I know, but dressed in disguise. Then some instance involving a nurse and a family, and a small child (reminding me of Corky), and a growing wonder, if my room has become like an asylum, and whether or not I had become crazy and been locked away. Also I can remember something involving shopping in a super market and people shape shifting, and buying a large thing of meat, shuffling through the frozen isles for veggies, etc.. Something else, being home (but not like home), involving family, cooking the meat for a meal, and many birds caged (parakeets, white doves, finches, carnies, etc). Also, I remember playing with some software, looking for friends that use it, but instead, only finding enemies waiting :-/.

The more erratic my sleep becomes, the less often occurring, and more `distributed` my dreams become :-/. I can usually tell what I’m experiecing is a dream, because of the differences from reality, but am almost always a passive spectator.

Sometimes I really wonder, if I’ve cracked the crock, or been pushed to far over the hill….