Emergency Action Plan 2010 – FRAGO No.0

This being an update to a train of thought prepared earlier in the year, itself being intended for a DEFCON 0 ex-filtration from Georgia, that being a very short way from reaching DEFCON 1, which is calling it quits — my present family affairs being DEFCON 2, and not far from 1 if you allow decimal points.

  1. Prep phase (1-3 days):
    1. Maximize water intake over prep. phase.
    2. Complete logistics:
      1. Sort fallback points.
      2. Print maps.
      3. Note addresses.
      4. Make ready affairs at end point / final destination.
    3. Review packing list for any last minute “Oh crap, I forgot sth” evasions.
  2. D-phase (0-1 days):
    1. Up-hike water intake for the pre-trip cycle.
    2. Put last minute affairs in order.
    3. Pack essential kit:
      • [withheld in case of information leak: must prevent seizing of my few resources]
    4. Fill canteen for march.
    5. Load up on water, maximum traveling load.
  3. Execute (4-7 days)
    1. Arrive at final destination by foot.
    2. Rehydrate on site.
    3. Finally eat sth.
    4. Borrow phone.
    5. Settle in and make ready for post-op (e.g. what is to follow).

The only thing I’ll say of my EAP, for if things get any worse in this rotten hole, is it is a *very* long walk. Originally the EAP called for a launch within 24-hours, but logically a greater prep time is ideal, in terms of surviving things. Or as I said, I’m not the kind of person to die in the desert because he made a wrong turn.

If family matters finally come down to it, I will *_/not/_* be restrained any further… and I will go by Patrick Henry’s axiom to the last breath if need be. Failure, is not an option in so far as my right to live is concerned.

Another chart for practical use:

         DEFCONs adapted to Family life here:

                5.) Life is at peace... no worries.
                4.) Stand to, people are making ready for war.
                3.) Active conflicts are in progress.
                2.) Threat level maximum / state of war exists, be ready to go nuclear.
                1.) Excommunication / severing of all ties -- officially at (all out) war.
                0.) Forced march and permanent Exfiltration from present residence.

Being a programmer, of course when I am involved, there is always a “Zero” at one end of a list… lol.