The Spiders 22nd goes past

My brother called this afternoon, wishing a happy birthday, and absolving himself of doing anything useful until it is time to *take* the road test for my driver’s license. I will believe that he will be even that little bit of help in this matter, when I’m hit and run over by a car. The only thing my family is good at is serving their own ends, I never forget that. Most friends either wished me a HBD over facebook or IM; so much for being able to ignore the days normal significance o/. I thank GOD when a friends birthday comes but when mine comes along, I just ‘sigh’ and hope it goes quickly..

Since extenuating circumstances and my ethics, put me in a spot where I have to postpone decision day for a few days; I can think of someone my mother should be plenty thankful to, that today wasn’t marred with any “Falling bombs”, so to speak. Otherwise all hell would have broken lose this evening. That doesn’t mean nothing will explode in the end.

Aside from my mother cussing at me even more than she normally does, the rest of the day went by like a fairly average day. That’s all birthdays are to me; the only difference from any other day is that my head has to increment its age counter by one year, and remember that everything has been a massive !@#$%^& failure. January 12th and June 20th are two days of the year, that I seriously hate.

I’ve been in an extremely grouchy mood for most of the day; everyone should just be happy that I intentionally try not to snap at innocent people. If I’ve dug into anyone today without noticing it, I apologize; afaik I haven’t hit anyone. When my status message indicates that I’m in a negative mood, it just means you better not expect me to be, “Cheerful and bubbly”, I won’t rip peoples heads off without just cause, but it’s far warning that YMMV. Simple as that.

Most eventful of the entire day: was despite being banned from my room for just that very reason, when one of the yorkies ma is watching for the week, not only leapt on the bed this morning, but crashed the laptop shut, climbed over my head, and pissed the bed!! To top it all off, while the sheet was in the washing machine: someone also had to go and chew a head sized hole in the thankfully still dry under layer. I’m getting tired of the collateral damage around here.

Gave up on staring at walls around mid day, and laid down. Tried not to do much thinking. Unfortunately I ended up in a very deep sleep for most of the evening, so I’ll likely be awake until near dawn. So much for not thinking. At least I didn’t dream much.

Because of the way scheduling has gone, I’ve been off work since Thursday afternoon, and I’m off work for like the rest of this coming week. I don’t actually like being off work for long stretches as much as most people tend to: with how I have to live, they tend to be worse hell than working triple the usual amount. I can’t stand being idle.

Except for what errands are necessary, or that she decides to launch at her own will, essentially: her royal !#$%^& pain has decreed that the car isn’t moving an inch until we return to work. So when 5 hours out of the time ~9.5 hours that I’ve got left to go, have to be driven after dark—I’m not exaggerating when I say it will likely take months to get a full driver’s license. Don’t believe me? Just ask my mother how come I’ve only had 1 fucking hour of night driving in SIX MONTHS OF PUSHING. State law requires that a minimal 6 hours out of the required 40 hours, be driven at night. My mother wouldn’t get off her fat arse for a single moment of the day, if she could figure out how to do it: let along at night.

It would be the understatement of the year, to say that I hate my life.

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  1. Lol you're only 22? You always say how you're super old and stuff…haha. Anyways, happy belated birthday!

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