Leave it to a good LORD and a friend

I was debating whether or not I would update my journal today, because there’s not that much I could say. The last couple of days, I’ll just describe as dark and crabby. Like being in a proverbial rotten mood. Haven’t been logged in much, times just been spent either contemplating plans or trying to empty my head of all thought.

Today, almost like GOD trying to tap me on the shoulder and remind, that you can’t be in a black mood all the time, something like twenty or thirty minutes ago ma started barking. Apparently a package had arrived, and nothing was audible through the radio stream blasting in my headphones xD. Much to my surprise, not only was it a package addressed to yours truly, but  also from a sender that I’ve known for years.

As it turns out, not only did I not get my usual birthday wish, for everyone to just forget the date, this year I really didn’t get it o/. Something like 80-90% of people still remembered, even my fathers sister of all people!

In opening the package, on top of a rather densely packed parcel, I found an envelope with “READ FIRST” written across it in red. Being the methodical S.O.B. that I am, ofc I had to read it first. While reading the message, I couldn’t help but be amused at the apology for printing the letter off the PC, guess it’s kind of to do with his hackish nature. (I would’ve done like wise.) Inside was a rather large collection of sweets and a pair of small birthday presents. In one particular case, whether accidental or intentional, I don’t think my friend could have been more thoughtful in the selection, if he had spent much deliberation on choosing it. My mother of course, being her usual self of course had to pause to wonder if any of the treats were poisoned or sth. As I’ve always said, if you think I’m paranoid, you’ve just got to meet my mother lol. Considering who sent the package, I would trust this person with my life, and wouldn’t put it past my own family to do worse than that anyway :-P.

Truth be told, I think this friend has made my week… let along my day. You also can’t go wrong with attacking the spiders sweet tooth to ease a bitter mood.

GOD, I have no idea what I have ever done in my life to deserve this, but I thank YOU just the same. Please keep watching over all the people I care for.