Yesterday was generally, as uneventful as they get, didn’t even get any night driving—which likely means I’ll have to wait until Tuesday or later. Knowing my mother, more likely the week after next :-(. Courtesy of my nations independence day, I’m assured of being stuck here staring at alls all weekend.

A friend suggested a very interesting idea yesterday, and probably the most positive thing to come up in ages. Although it would likely take a year or more in saving ahead before I could act on it, I must admit that she is a very smart cookie. Knowing how my family tends to negatively impact my plans, with my luck it would probably take another decade to bring that matter to fruition. Hmm, at least a spider can dream on occasion. Still, I’m a realist at heart: and I know peace is not in any of the cards that I’m likely to draw. It would also, undoubtedly cause a year or two worth in delays on realising my long term plans: but it is definitely getting the green light. It’s worth it. Like everything, it’s just a matter of time: be it 1 year, 5, 10, 25, or more. Whenever my family’s impact is included in plans, it usually looks like a multiplier that makes landing on mars look more feasible than moving forward o/.

Once I’ve gotten a suitable income, because I’ve so few expenses from living here: most of my wages can go straight in the bank. Unlike my mother, I actually learned what the word S A V E means. While I’m also, likely the cheapest bastard on earth when it comes to spending money on my own benefit, saving for and working towards the things I want to obtain, is called a fact of life.

Heh, that reminds me. The other day while Her Royal Pain was noting that once one of her credit cards is paid off, the cost of it will likely be able to cover whatever the increase in car insurance will be from me getting a license. The company can’t say what it will be, until I have my full license. She agreed to cover that cost ages ago if I jumped through the hoops needed to get a license, but I expect her to slip out on that. Either way it is and always has been, fully in my intention to take over that cost when I’m working. I took the opportunity to check up on what my mothers actual expenses are running now: most of which fit two classes: need to be paid, have to be paid, and simply being starved off the balance sheet until they no longer remain in the equation. That’s how she’s always divided her finances. I can also remember telling her years ago: “I told you so”, before she even got into any debts, again.

Here’s the rub: if you are surviving on much less income and paying more bills now, then when you started building up a debt: then you didn’t need to accumulate that much in debt in the first place.

Where past & present factors represents the realistic state of the accounting equation at their respective ends of sampling: if present factors are less than the past factors and the absolute value of the present factors are still far greater than the failure point, such that the failure point is so far below ends meet that ones life style is no longer realistically sustainable; then past factors are also greater than the failure point. Well than guess what that means to anyone who survived even elementary maths, let along the topics I’ve enjoyed studying over the years? The difference between the past and present factors, is representative of how much you could of had “left over”, based on what you could have lived on in the past, versus what higher level you actually lived on in the past. Representative here meaning, that (/ (- x y) m) or (* (- x y) m) would be more precise than the given (- x y), where the expression m is needed to more accurately convert (- x y) to match a given step in time, rather than a generalised result; which would take even more words to write out, and could be done in either way depending on how one figures m. Or in short, spending to much is a bad idea.

I’ve kept an eye on my family’s various goings on since the mid nineties and the study of computation ruled my early two thousands, for all intents and purposes. Both are likely subjects dentimental to human sanity.