Robotech @ Hulu

Yippee ki yay! has the entire set of Robotech sagas from the 80s. *Happy dance*

It was watching the original Macross Saga about the first Robotech war, that threw my interests in ‘mechs and technology tooo many years ago. I was impressed by Robotechs depth  and more realistic way of telling its tale. Some how I find it fitting that again, the years line up. 
To top it all off, they even have the third saga: which I’ve never seen, let along heard of it being syndicated here in the USA. It actually took buying an art book with all the episode synopsis in it, for me to even learn about the third sagas existence. I’ve always said I would tape the original series if I ever caught it on reruns, or snag it someday on DVD. Looks like Hulu to the rescue ;).
1990s Robot Jox, 1985s Robotech, and 1979s Mobile Suit Gundam, and of course dear old MW2 back in ’95 all served to systematically addict my mind to the concept. Probably 80% or more of what I know about mathematics, science, aerospace, and engineering – was all learned out of that interest in ‘Mechs. Not to mention taking a meticulous geeks nature to figuring out the details behind making such a machine in real life. 
Ironically, I’ve had the design details for such things again on my mind, for a game designs bible lol.
VF-1 Valkyries here we come!