To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question…

Currently in that irksome to active to sleep / to tired to focus another 6+ hours frame of things. Oh how I know it.

It just feels like the everything is moving so damn slow! I like speed. Name any flight sim I’ve played and you can bank on it, that I’ve done a lot of nap of the earth flying at the crafts maximum flank speed. Hmm, think I might reach into the draw and shuffle around for one of my flight sims.

If this phase of moving forward can be stretched on for a factor of years, courtesy of family, just think how many years a positive impact will take o/. I don’t have the patience left. It would be nice to get something done on this rock, while I’m still young enough to piss under my own steam.

Everything depends on a few core invariants, and that’s exactly what I’m being blocked from reaching. Block has a different, more technical notion to programmers, than what it should have to regular people. You can’t build out of thin air any more than you can build without a foundation.

Having to put up with morons in lead overshoes, constantly increases the probability that the rest of my natural life will be effectively equal to the present. Unlike certain fucktards I’m not satisfied with the status quo. Life isn’t meant to be an unchanging constant,

I should be free to get more done than twiddling my damn thumbs for months on end!!!!!