Finally looked at Randoms remarks

I heard a while ago from friends (firstly one in [SAS] uniform) that Random had been banned off NTFs Raven Shield server(s). I also had decided not to look up the threads mentioned. To be honest, I hadn’t stayed up to date with either clans forum for several months, nor really cared much about doing so. Those close to me, likely have some understanding of my point of views -> this thing doesn’t change that! What has, is I can’t say nothing…. after reading that thread. Y’all said it was bad but I didn’t think it could be THAT bad.

A few days ago, I was playing a mod that was mentioned a long time ago in NTFs forums and I wanted to make a reply now that I tried out the mod. Did that. Since leaving [SAS], as a matter of respect (since I have friends in each), when I check one clans forum I tend to check the other as well. While I was on [SAS]’s forum, I checked Randoms thread in clan topics and was appalled.

When I was an [SAS] member, if I had posted anything like that, I would have been eaten alive. It’s the kind of stuff that could get a member banned from the entire clan!

Since seeing the clans commanding officer, in my honest opinion managed to disgrace everything [SAS] members have been demanded to uphold in their conduct, I posted a “Thank you” message addressed to Random. Publicly because he disgraced the regiment publicly in his own forum! Why a thank you? Because having to see just how low things have been allowed to sink, when the CO pulls that off and gets away with it unquestioned, it makes me happy to be out of the picture once and for all.

A [SAS] member questioned me about it, and since he has offered no objections to it when prompted, I will quote myself as a brief explanation of my logic:

Spidey01: If NTF, Rouge, and Medic each fall into the set of “other players and organizations” in the [SAS] Code of Honour, where it is clearly understood as other than an “[SAS] member”, does it follow that Randoms conduct in Clan Topics is “therefore a demotable, and potentially a bannable offense if any member is caught being disrepsectful in any online server, forum, chat room, or game room.” –> ?

Spidey01: I would act the same way if it was Tom, Dick, and Harry from clan Fools Horde.

Spidey01: Since all [SAS] Members are bound by the [SAS] Code of Honour, and Random is an [SAS] Member, it surely follows that Random is bound by the [SAS] Code of Honour. Yes?

And of course I mean no disrespect towards NTF, Rouge, Medic, Tom, Dick, Harry, or Fools Horde by that remark ;).

In my opinion Randoms conduct in [SAS]’s public forums, does constitute major breaches that code. It may even be the single biggest violation of Article 1 that I have ever seen in my life. Public and in-front of the mebership is the only areas I’ve seen GCHQ enforce the clans code of honour, so it is deffo applicable to a public forum post in Clan Topics.

If you have ever been inside [SAS] for more than a brief stay, then you know how members are supposed to resolve “Issues”, if you are or were ever of Sgt grade, then you have probably read the Moderator guidelines (last stored in the policy forum afaik), all you should have to do is read the [SAS] Code of Honour and Randoms thread, to conclude that it is a violation of [SAS] CoH. I don’t give a crap if NTF justified such action or if they gave him every possible concession, no [SAS] member is above the CoH. There is __N_O__exception to that, and even that is all but coded into the CoH! The CO has the final authority in holding members accountable: but who holds the boss man accountable, hmm? When I joined [SAS], that kind of thread would never have gotten past Randoms first posting before being obliterated as a CoH violation. The member responsible for posting it would’ve had head on a chopping block. Being a red blooded American, you could say that notions like that, may as well be tattooed on my hind end, and proud of it.

Considering that my membership in [SAS] amounts to about a quarter of my life thus far, after reading that thread, I really can’t avoid saying Random blew a nuclear sized hole in the CoH and appears to be getting off scot free.

It’s not slanderous either, it’s as factual as a speeding ticket.