Rules of Family Survival

  • Learn to become solid and expressionless as stone.
  • Don’t take open and seething hatred filled tirades personally; wish you had better ear plugs instead!
  • Remember you’re not a slave at beck and call.
  • Automatically disconnect yourself from being guilted over things you’re not responsible for.
  • Sometimes, you just need to duck…
Is it no surprise that most days are fucking miserable here?

1 thought on “Rules of Family Survival”

  1. Spidey, this is Ninja from SWAT 4.

    I landed here by accident, since I was googling a term that matched one of your catgories and in a google-link i saw the name "spidey01" and wondered, if this meant you.

    Aamof, it did.

    I now crossread some of your post and though I don't understand most of it, due to the lacking of intel information, I have a lot of respect for you, to keep this whole project for such a long time (I see posts from '06 here).

    The way you display information on this page about yourself, your path and choices you made on that very path is something to be admired absolutely.

    I hardly dare to write it out, but at some points in this half hour I spend here, I thought about the movie "A beautiful mind".

    I have a huge amount of respect for all the work you put in here, also saw some comments here regarding your posts and wanted you to know (though, again, I'm an outsider to the topic):

    The arguments, by which you justified your actions were absolutely convincing. You seem to be one of the very few straight characters, I've "met" (even though this is "only" online) in my life and I'd hate to see you losing that, because that is a personal strength, very few people posess.

    Peace – Ninja

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