Stoking the fires of war

Well, today sets a new precedent in my family’s affairs: blocking my mother on all digital medium ^_^.

First notch on the list:

For years (i.e. since gaining steady ‘net access) I have enjoyed the Internet, as it is well beyond my mothers competency to exert much control over what I can and what I cannot do. This includes censoring my freedom of speech.

Second notch on the list:

Rarely being able to say a damn thing without having my words taken out of context and turned against me ad nauseam, whenever my choice of words were not “Agreeable” enough to my mother’s mood.

Third notch on the list:

Being regularly threatened with physical harm, property destruction, and discrimination whenever I refuse to comply with her orders to not express in voice or text what I feel, think, or reason about beyond the scope of my brains own internal monologue. I consider attempting to exert that level of control against someone (i.e. me) who has reached the age of majority, to be a violation of that persons (i.e. my) rights as an American citizen. In plain English my mother is trying to gag me from saying anything she doesn’t like. If the government is forbidden from enacting laws doing such a thing by the first amendment to the U.S. constitution, I rather doubt rather doubt my mother has the legal right to do something similar in this household.

Recent events:

Being verbally attacked (see third notch) for having written this, which you can bet is nothing my mother hasn’t gotten told worse to her face over the years. One of my friends found my mother’s threats over that journal entry, to be rather ludicrous (to describe her reaction with my own words). Another incident (see third notch, above) involved this comment on my Facebook wall: “I find my families lack of logical comprehension disturbing.” Which is also very true, because most of my (immediate) family has very dim comprehension of logic. I often tell my mother to learn English when she annoys me, by not comprehending very simple ideas, like if you do X then Y will follow. I’ve taken enough crap that I’m tired of being threatened.

End result:

I’ve blocked my mothers Facebook account, her e-mail address, and will add any other digital forms as appropriate. Whether or not I will continue to speak to her in person, is a matter for me to think over thoroughly.

In my point of view: my legal rights as a human being and a citizen of the U.S. state of Georgia are being impugned by a hateful control freak. I don’t know any polite synonyms for control freak. Case in point, if as a citizen of the state of Georgia in the United States of America, am allowed to exercise freedom of speech within the scope of what is legally acceptable, I ought to be able to do the same on the Internet without being threatened by my mother.

If I have to take much more of this bullshit, I’m going down to the local courthouse and finding out how to litigate this matter. You don’t screw with geeks.