Another day at the races

Well, I’ve completed the last part of my job hunt that requires me hoofing it across the city! Across two days, I’ve compiled a list of just about every business in my city, omitting those that obviously dead weights, like hair & nails salons. I’m not qualified for their work, nor have I any sense in trying to sell them on computerising things lol. My intention is to cross reference all the info into a data store on my computer, than have a program compile it down into an order of contact:

  1. Which ones to cold call and offering my “Services” as a super geek.
  2. Which ones to apply for online out of necessity.
  3. Which ones to walk in and apply.
  4. Which ones to call and see if they are hiring.
Believe it or not, more companies have moved their application processes into the clouds than you would think, to the extent that the only way to apply is by a computer. For how shitty web sites tend to be and how little point I see in a kiosk subbing for one, I actually prefer walking in and dealing with a paper application. O.K. maybe I am old fashioned in some ways, even if I usually groan at the notion of hard copy >_>.
On Friday I collected about half the city using a mixture of car and foot travel, the main central hubs for work in this rattle trap. By that, I mean it’s a city where people live and most commute, be it for work or pleasure lol. Today I took off on foot and got the other half. I think this year, I have seen more of this place on foot than I have seen in 10 years of riding in cars. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll get a program thrown together for the data entry procedure; which is a trivial task for my programming skills.
Somehow it figures that have nearly 5 hours of marching almost continuously, it’s an hour of sitting with my feet up at home that makes my legs stiff as a board! On the upside though, I absolutely love my new boots and the boonie hat really keeps me cool :-D.  Then again, anything under 40 C is practically like air conditioning for me lolololol.