A downside to being a super geek

In reading this page, I can’t help but think about these two sentences:

We thought, “Sheesh, people are too busy running their businesses to learn how to code HTML emails. Email marketing is so easy, a monkey could be doing it for them.

To a geek like me, that is like saying, “Sheesh, people are to busy running their businesses to learn how to write“. I admit, many people are ‘that’ busy or just lazy – they pay someone to write it for them. That’s how life is.

But for the love of Pete’s sister, you should still learn how to write!
Anyone who thinks HTML is hard stuff, should power off their computer, stand up, and check themselves for brain damage. Because learning to how to write down your A, B, and Cs back in school was ten thousand times harder. Seriously.
For those who are merely ignorant, HTML is the system of writing used to write web pages. Just like most of us used to use cursive for writing letters, before everyone got into e-mail and text messaging. The difference is HTML actually is actually the minimal effort needed to learn it, where as it is very debatable if the (comparatively) large amount of time needed to learn cursive is worth adding to your rĂ©pertoire. That’s not even counting trying to read someone else’ handwriting!